Transcat Validation Services - Protocols

Transcat Validation DefinitionTranscat Validation Definition

We verify that the equipment does what the manufacturer says it will do!

In order to prove that a piece of equipment is performing consistently, we perform IOPQ testing. These initials stand for: Installation Qualification (IQ): This verifies that the unit is installed properly. We will check voltage, proper leveling, etc. We do not install the equipment as part of the IQ. Operational Qualification (OQ): This is when we test all of the features of a unit such as the control panel, any on and off switches, alarms and 24-hour mapping for temperature units. For non-temperature units we test other features like rotation for centrifuges, pH units for pH meters, and weighing accuracies for balances. Performance Qualification (PQ): This is what we test to ensure that the unit operates as the customer requires it to work. This is customer specific and will require our team working with yours to define the scope of work.