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  1. Extech TH30
    Extech TH30 USB Dual Temperature Datalogger
    Order #: TH30
    Mfg #: TH30
    Availability: In stock
    USB Dual Temperature Datalogger Learn More
  2. Extech RHT30
    Extech RHT30 USB Humidity/Temp Datalogger
    Order #: RHT30
    Mfg #: RHT30
    Availability: In stock
    USB Humidity/Temp Datalogger Learn More
  3. Extech 42275 Temperature/Humidity Datalogger Kit
    Extech 42275 Temp/Humidity Logger Kit
    Order #: 42275
    Mfg #: 42275
    Availability: In stock
    Temp/Humidity Logger Kit Learn More
  4. Extech 42270
    Extech 42270 Datalogger/Temperature+Humidity
    Order #: 42270
    Mfg #: 42270
    Availability: In stock
    Datalogger/Temperature+Humidity Learn More
  5. Extech EA15
    Extech EA15 Easyview Datalogging Thermometer
    Order #: EA15
    Mfg #: EA15
    Availability: Ships in 3-4 weeks
    Easyview Datalogging Thermometer Learn More
  6. Extech TH10
    Extech TH10 Temperature USB Datalogger
    Order #: TH10
    Mfg #: TH10
    Availability: In stock
    Temperature USB Datalogger Learn More
  7. Extech RH520A
    Extech RH520A Humidity/Temperature Chart Recorder w/NIST
    Order #: RH520A-NIST
    Mfg #: RH520A-NIST
    Availability: Please contact Transcat Customer Service for availability.
    Humidity/Temperature Chart Recorder w/NIST Learn More
  8. Extech SD800
    Extech SD800 CO2/Humidity/Temperature Datalogger
    Order #: SD800
    Mfg #: SD800
    Availability: In stock
    CO2/Humidity/Temperature Datalogger Learn More
  9. Extech SD500
    Extech SD500 Humidity/Temperature Datalogger
    Order #: SD500
    Mfg #: SD500
    Availability: In stock
    Humidity/Temperature Datalogger Learn More
  10. Extech SD200
    Extech SD200 3-Channel Temperature Datalogger
    Order #: SD200
    Mfg #: SD200
    Availability: In stock
    3-Channel Temperature Datalogger Learn More
  11. Extech SDL100
    Extech SDL100 pH/ORP/Temperature Datalogger
    Order #: SDL100
    Mfg #: SDL100
    Availability: In stock
    pH/ORP/Temperature Datalogger Learn More
  12. Extech RHT20 Humidity and Temperature USB Datalogger
    Extech RHT20 Humidity and Temperature USB Datalogger
    Order #: RHT20
    Mfg #: RHT20
    Availability: In stock
    Humidity and Temperature USB Datalogger Learn More
  13. Extech RHT10
    Extech RHT10 Humidity & Temperature Datalogger/Usb
    Order #: RHT10
    Mfg #: RHT10
    Availability: In stock
    Humidity & Temperature Datalogger/Usb Learn More
13 Items
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