Transcat is a publicly traded company through the NASDAQ and headquartered in Rochester, NY. “Trust in every measure” is the foundation of Transcat – we offer our customers high quality accredited calibration services, products, and our employees an environment that encourages growth and development. 

In addition to our organic growth strategy, we are constantly looking for companies to join the Transcat network that value the same culture of quality and customer service as we do. For companies that may be considering a change of ownership, contact us at



Founded in 1964 by William Berk, Transmation is a world class leader in the technology, design and manufacturing of industrial-grade calibration tools for the process professional. Transmation defined and created the concept of personal calibration tools; a calibrator for every technician. Specializing in pressure, temperature, and electrical calibration products. Transmation provides the process professional with high quality, reliable calibration instruments that stand up to the harsh environments of industrial process facilities.


Transmation Canada was founded in 1979 by William Berk. Transmation Canada was established as the Canadian subsidiary of Transmation Inc.  This expansion introduced Transmation temperature, pressure, and electrical calibration tools to the Canadian marketplace. Transmation opened their sales office and distribution center in Mississauga, ON. This office subsequently also became Transcat’s first Canadian calibration laboratory providing world class calibration services on Transmation equipment as well as that of other manufacturers.


Created as the distribution arm of Transmation.  Published the first “Transcatalog” which eventually was shortened to Transcat.


First calibration lab opened in Rochester, NY.  This lab became one of the first ISO9001 registered and ISO17025 accredited third party labs in the nation.



Altek was founded in Rochester, NY in 1979 as a manufacturer of high accuracy, single function calibrators for the process control industries, including chemical, power production, food processing, pharmaceutical industries, and many other process industries around the world. Through their reputation for high accuracy, ruggedness and portability, Altek calibrators have been distributed in nearly every country in the world, providing NIST traceable calibration standards for current, voltage, frequency, temperature, and pressure.


EIL was founded in Baltimore, Maryland in 1970. EIL Instruments is comprised of its test and measurement equipment distribution business, its repair and calibration business, and its value-added and meter modification business. The company operates 15 calibration laboratories throughout the United States and Canada. The acquisition of EIL brings Transcat's total annual sales volume to nearly $100,000,000 and establishes Transcat as a major participant in the distribution, service, and manufacture of test, measurement, and calibration instrumentation.


MeterMaster Inc. is a privately held corporation headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. The company maintains a full-capability Meter Modification Center for special meter requirements. Metermaster maintains an extensive inventory of parts to quickly perform both analog meter modifications and digital meter modifications. Typical analog modifications include special ranges, special resistances, and special sensitivities.  The addition of Metermaster and its service facilities adds mass to our distribution business and geographic expansion to our service segment.



Transcat announced today that it has reached an agreement with Hilton Engineering, Inc. to acquire the assets of its calibration services facility in San Juan, Puerto Rico, and incorporate it into the international network of Transcat Calibration Services Laboratories, expanding the network to 11 Transcat Calibration Centers of Excellence. Hilton Engineering, Inc. has been Transcat’s exclusive sales agent in Puerto Rico for over ten years with a substantial focus on serving the needs of the pharmaceutical industry. Hilton Engineering’s calibration services laboratory, is now a Transcat Calibration Center of Excellence.


NWCI operates in Fort Wayne, Indiana and expands our Calibration Centers of Excellence to 12. NWCI provides dimensional calibration, first part inspection and reverse engineering services to the pharmaceutical, medical devices and automotive industries. Specializing in advanced 3D metrology tools, the company inspects and analyzes the dimension of any part. Services include data reporting, inspection to print or CAD model, part inspection for initial sample, first article, annual inspections and capability studies.


Westcon, Inc. is a Portland, Oregon based test and measurement instruments distributor and calibration services provider. Westcon distributes over 60 product lines of high-quality test and measurement instruments to its approximately 1,800 customers that are primarily located in the Western U.S. The laboratory provides a full range of calibration and repair services in a variety of disciplines including electrical, temperature, pressure, and torque to its customers for over 25 years, meets ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation standards and has the capability to provide quality onsite calibration services.



United Scale and Engineering Corp. is a regional market leading supplier and servicer of industrial scales and weighing systems. Based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the company provides weighing solutions, distributes major weighing, scale and balance lines and provides calibration, service and repair to its approximately 2,000 customers that are primarily located in Wisconsin, Northern Illinois and Upper Michigan. United Scale and Engineering has served its customers for nearly 50 years and meets both ISO 9001 and ISO/ IEC 17025 accreditation standards.


For over 50 years, ACA TMetrix Inc. has operated a calibration and repair service business in Mississauga (Toronto), Ontario. The calibration and repair service business, which is ISO 9001-2008 registered, is a fully equipped, calibration laboratory that provides repair and service for instruments from over 60 manufacturers. ACA TMetrix is Canada’s best-established supplier of precision electronic instruments and design tools. With an established reputation and trans-Canada, presence ACA TMetrix offers Canadian technology companies' products, training, and support to ensure certainty and precision in the manufacturing process.


The acquisition of Wind Turbine Tools, Lincoln, Montana further expands and deepens Transcat’s presence in the wind energy industry. Wind Turbine Tools is widely recognized throughout the wind energy business as a premier provider of unique product tool kit solutions, technical assistance, torque calibration, and hydraulic services. The company services the world’s major manufacturers of wind turbines including Vestas, Siemens, GE, and Gamesa. The business is an excellent complement to Transcat’s growing wind energy business.



CMC has been servicing the calibration needs of customers in Western New York since 1995. CMC’s primary focus has been dimensional calibration and repair and has built a reputation for delivering high quality, broad range capabilities. Transcat intends to build on the high-quality reputation that CMC has established with its customers by providing a much broader range of calibration capabilities both in our lab and at the customers’ locations.


Newark Calibration Services, a subsidiary of Premier Farnell operates full-service calibration laboratories in Aurora, CO (Denver), Chandler, AZ (Phoenix), and Hendersonville, TN (Nashville). In addition to acquiring the assets of Newark’s calibration labs, Transcat has entered into a strategic alliance whereby Newark will market Transcat’s calibration services to its broad customer base of electronic design engineers, maintenance, repair and operations engineers, and industrial buyers. Newark has also contracted for Transcat to provide its calibration services for its own test and measurement equipment distribution needs.


Anacor Compliance Services, Inc. is a nationally recognized and respected provider of specialized analytical, calibration, compliance, and validation services to the life sciences sector including the biotechnology, medical device, and pharmaceutical industries. Operating out of two primary labs located in Pennsylvania and Colorado, Anacor specializes in process validation and compliance qualification with protocol development and execution, as well as final qualification documents. In addition, Anacor provides GC, HPLC, and UPLC qualification services and temperature mapping validation services.



Cal-Matrix Metrology Inc. provides customers with industry-leading Test & Measurement Equipment Calibration and Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) Dimensional Inspection services. With unwavering dedication to precision and quality, Cal-Matrix’s comprehensive scope of technical services is delivered to a broad industry base. Cal-Matrix has earned ISO 17025 Accreditation for Calibration and CMM Dimensional Inspection. Cal-Matrix offers a wide range of additional value-added calibration services, including paperless calibration certificates, recall notification, transportation, priority turnaround, and asset management.


Ulrich metrology is a leading Canadian calibration laboratory focused on providing calibration solutions to aerospace, automotive, and other industries. They offer a full range of ISO 17025 accredited calibration, certification, and repair services. Their capabilities include Electrical, Temperature, Pressure, Dimensional, Force, and Torque. Strong management and employee commitment helped Ulrich build a solid reputation for responsiveness, reliability, efficiency, and service.


Accuracy. Trust. Precision. Reliability

These are just a few of the traits that customers look for when they find us. Our ISO 17025 accredited lab delivers these traits as well as reliable data in a timely manner. We pride ourselves in delivering what we promise, when we promise it. We know our customers need the most accurate data, in the fastest of times, for the fairest of prices and we deliver on those 3 ideals. Whether it is inspection of specialty gaging, a 1st article inspection project for incoming quality, a 30 piece capability study, delivery of a used CMM, or any of the other products and services we can offer, we strive to achieve exactly what our customers demand.



Working with integrity, we hold ourselves accountable to ensure that our clients can achieve optimal results from the performance of their analytical instruments. We are the service provider of choice for the instrumentation of the World’s Leading Companies, with a reputation for Responsive, Reliable & Trustworthy Service. We do what we agree to do in all areas of our business and hold ourselves accountable to consistently respond, repair, and maintain your instrumentation so it can perform optimally. We value the trust you place in us and continually prove our worth by establishing long term & growing relationships with our clients, partners & team members.


Anmar Metrology, Inc. is a full-service calibration and repair laboratory serving our clients with locations in Southern California and Europe. Utilizing state-of-the-art equipment for calibration and a highly trained professional staff, we provide a diversified range of solutions to our customers for their Metrology, repair, and quality requirements. Anmar Metrology, Inc has a Quality System that is certified to ISO 9001:2008 and a Calibration System Accredited to ISO 17025:2005 and conforms to ANSI/NCSL Z540.3. Additionally, we are an Approved Supplier of Calibration Services for National Instruments Products.


Established in 1998 and located in Quebec, Nordcal Calibration Inc. offers quality services meeting needs of industries for periodic maintenance, verification, adjustment, and repair of electronic test and measurement equipment. Nordcal has provided an efficient, reliable, and affordable alternative for calibration of electronic measuring instruments. Nordcal Calibration Inc. operates a Quality System Management which complies with the requirements of the International Quality Standards ISO 9001-2008.



Spectrum Technologies, Inc. (STI) is an ISO 9001:2008 Registered (ABS Quality Evaluations Certificate #43155), NIST traceable, calibration organization providing commercial instrument calibration and test equipment repair services for a wide variety of measurement and test equipment. Our laboratory and field offices currently provide quality instrument calibration and test equipment services to manufacturing, research and development, service, testing, engineering, aviation, and medical and healthcare organizations nationwide.


Dispersion Laboratory Inc is a company, based in Boisbiand offering state-of-the-art service in the field of metrology since 2009. In a short time, the company has become a recognized leader for its innovations both in the automation/robotic processes of its mass metrology procedures and for the complete online client access to our services. Innovations that ensure a fast service. In addition, the company offers a full range of calibration weight that exceeds the highest specifications required in each of ANSI / ASTM or OIML classes.


Excalibur Engineering is first and foremost about customer service with a primary focus on the electronics industry. They provide premium and innovative service solutions uniquely tailored to individual customer needs. Their world-class, ISO 17025 accredited calibration lab provides a foundation for their suite of services: Calibration, Repair, Sale, and Rental of New and Used equipment. Additionally, they help customers dispose of under-utilized test equipment assets through equipment buy-back programs. They currently have two operational calibration labs to serve customers nationwide located in Irvine, CA and Englewood, CO.



NBS Calibrations was established in 1990 and located in Tempe, Arizona. NBS Calibrations, Inc is a full-service liquid and gas flow meter calibration laboratory specializing in small to medium range flowmeters and flow metering systems. NBS calibrates your liquid flow meters and gas flow meters using a variety of specific fluids and gases which are kept in stock. We use primary standards to calibrate your flow meters, ensuring greater accuracy than other labs that use transfer standards. Our laboratory complies with MILSTD-45662A, ISO 10012, ISO 17025, and ANSI/NCSL Z540.1 requirements.


In August 2000, Danny Angel with over 35 years of service as a metrology professional, founded Angel’s Instrumentation, Inc. His mission has always been to provide customers with quality service at a fair price. Angel’s Instrumentation is an ISO-17025 Accredited calibration laboratory which is unsurpassed regarding RF & Electronic Test Equipment calibration, Physical calibration, Dimensional calibration, Thermal calibration, Flow calibration, and Torque calibration. Angel’s Instrumentation has been a leader in the metrology business since 2000 and continues to focus and excel in the Maritime, Naval, Automotive, Medical, and Manufacturing sectors.


Founded in 1963, Gauge Repair serves commercial and industrial clients from all over Southern California and worldwide. Our calibration lab is an industry leader providing consistent attention to detail and customer satisfaction. Gauge Repair Service is American Association for Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA) Certified. We have over 42 years’ experience in instrumentation calibration, repair and sales.



IIS designs applications and programs that our customers access from anywhere and at any time via the World Wide Web. With over 9 years of experience providing enterprise-quality software solutions and almost as many years building web-based applications, we are uniquely positioned to provide solutions from installation through training to field deployment. ISS envisions a world in which software and all the services software provides are accessible via the World Wide Web and ISS works diligently each day to make this vision a reality.


TTE Laboratories has been providing excellence in pipette calibration and repair since 1989. TTE’s Metrology-driven approach is shared by our entire staff, and promoted throughout our organization Expanding beyond our ISO Accredited Pipette Calibration Service, our consultants assist customers with the entire liquid handling system including pipette techniques, pipette tips, pipette purchasing advice, and calibration. We do more, because the accuracy of your liquid handling systems in your laboratory are dependent upon much more than a calibration service.


BioTek Services, Inc. was founded in 1998 and subsequently became incorporated in 2001. We have become the forerunner in laboratory instrument calibrations through our expertise, precision, attention to detail, modernization, and implementation of ISO Accreditation.  All of our processes and procedures are written and designed around the voice of the customer, ISO/IEC 17025:2017, 21 CFR, and GLP/GMP compliance. These strategies have worked well, and the business has continued to expand and develop, because we have adopted a culture of continuous process improvement in respect to our training, education, and quality system.



Upstate Metrology, Inc. was formed in August 1992 as a calibration and testing service company. We have a combined 75 - plus years of experience in the metrology field. UpState Metrology, Inc. has continuously evolved to provide its customers high-quality, responsive service at competitive prices. This is our philosophy and we remain committed to achieving it on a daily basis. The determination and dedication of our staff to fulfill our customers’ needs, has provided a strong foundation for growth.

Nexa Asset ManagementNexa Asset Management


NEXA was founded in 2015 in Carlow, Ireland, by professionals in the Life Sciences industry who recognized the untapped potential to optimize every calibration program, and to help companies realize the value this service would have on their business processes.  We have quickly become a trusted advisor to leading companies in the Life Sciences industry over the past five years, with the majority of our work coming from repeat business. We have developed a reputation of providing cost competitive Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) services, delivering projects with 100% accuracy, and consistently meeting project deadlines within budget.

Nexa Asset ManagementNexa Asset Management


Founded in 1995 and headquartered in Indianapolis, IN, Tangent provides in-house and on-site calibrations of precision measurement and control instrumentation to customers in life science, aerospace and other regulated industries. Tangent Labs is an A2LA ISO/IEC 17025 accredited calibration laboratory. We are calibration experts providing onsite and lab NIST traceable certification and calibration of precision measurement, control instrumentation and gaging. Tangent Labs provides cost-efficient, value-added management of your entire calibration program. Utilizing current technologies and effective management tools, Tangent Labs provides the services necessary for our customers to successfully achieve and maintain ISO 9000, QS9000, FDA, OHSA, EPA, and World Class Maintenance compliance.